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National Poetry Day: water, water everywhere

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Me, by the sea

Me, by the sea

I know I’m a little late, but as it was recently National Poetry Day I thought I’d dig up a few of my old poems. The theme for this year’s National Poetry Day was ‘water, water everywhere’ so I’ve picked out some poems that were inspired by the sea. Specifically, these are both poems I wrote whilst living by the sea in St Andrews.


even here at the ends of the earth
there is life and beauty

even here among the bone-chilling wind and bitter, cold seas
there is something stirring

and even the cliffs that have taken lives
are home for some


the ghosts stand shoulder to should along the pier
why do you stay – I ask
why all this eternal wandering?
to smell the bitter-acrid air
that bit our lips and hands while we were living – they say
to hear the gulls cry at dawn
the siren that will not let us sleep
and to feel the cold and feeble sun
that taps the root and quivers the spine


Author: Naomi Racz

I am a nature writer, with a particular interest in urban nature. I also write about social media and work in communications with an NGO.

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