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I recently had my first article published in a proper, shiny magazine (i.e. not a solely online magazine). It was exciting seeing my name in print and I’m especially pleased that my first foray into print might help one of our most valuable birds.

My article appeared in Roofing Today magazine and is about swifts, whose numbers are declining in the UK. Swifts migrate from South Africa to the UK to breed during the summer months, but the numbers breeding in the UK are declining rapidly. The reason for this is that swifts nest primarily in the eaves of roofs, but modern housing and renovations of older housing exclude swifts and so prevent them from creating nests for their young.

The article features a charity called Swift Conservation, which was set up by Edward Mayer to try and redress this issue. The charity is doing some amazing work and if you want to know how to help swifts then their website is the place to go.

You can download a PDF of the issue and read the full article, entitled ‘Roofing and Swift Conservation’, on page 10.


Author: Naomi Racz

I am a nature writer, with a particular interest in urban nature. I also write about social media and work in communications with an NGO.

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